A Mom's Prayer Necklace

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"Lord, please surround this child with friends and adults who point them towards you"

"One thing I’ve learned as a parent ~ absolutely nothing is in my control.  So what do I do to keep my sanity with four girls who are growing up and I can’t be with them 24/7?  Encircle them in prayer. Many of my prayers include asking God to surround my girls with peers and adults who point them to Him; asking God to surround them with others that follow and love Him. I personally needed a new piece in the SHINE collection for my kiddos to wear as a reminder to seek Godly relationships, and a symbol for this anxious mama of Christ’s protection over my babies. I am so excited about this simple design - a circle of continuous linked crosses (I personally visualize my children in the center, surrounded) - that also reminds me of God’s children locking hands in a circle of Godly example." -Hilary, Shinelife Founder

.925 sterling circle strung on an adjustable 14-16” sterling silver chain.

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