Fight Like A Preemie Necklace

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~I feared because it was too early, I cried because it was too soon.  Yet I underestimated the strength in one as small as you~  

"During what I thought was a regular, boring trip to the grocery store at 26-weeks pregnant, I went into labor. We rushed to the hospital where the L&D nurses were able to slow the labor momentarily, then grabbed the NICU doctor to "speak with us." He said, "At this point, your baby has less than a 20% chance of survival."  Fast forward eight years, and that little miracle baby is now a petite and FIERCE third grader. We nearly lost that little preemie on multiple occasions, BUT GOD had something in store for her. The nurses have said, “your baby girl is a FIGHTER” since before she was even born. And, y’all, through my many, many tears of fear, I have seen - and continue to see - her overcome SO much. As I watch Aubri playing soccer, receiving the “Most Improved Award” in school, rocking out to her favorite bands and participating in all kinds of shenanigans with her sisters, I am reminded daily that God loves to take the seemingly impossible and show us just how beyond possible it is for Him." - Hilary, ShineLife Founder

Proceeds from this cute little boxing glove are donated to the March of Dimes for prematurity awareness.  Whether you have a miracle preemie, know one, or just need to remember daily that God is the source of your strength, I hope that this necklace is a reminder that miracles do happen.

.925 sterling silver pendant strung on an adjustable 16-18” sterling silver chain. 

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