I Choose Joy Necklace

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"I Choose Joy" - Philippians 4:4

If life in general has pummeled you with one bad thing after another, it's a conscious choice to embrace the one good thing, no matter how small, and keep moving forward instead of dwelling in the anger, sadness and frustration.  To seek God in the places where we never imagine we can find Him.

These little choices, observations and the lifting of your eyes from the darkness that may seem all around you~ they snow-ball until you have re-trained your heart to seek the joy in all circumstances.  It bubbles up from your soul and spills out, changing not only yourself but your world too.

The idea of this bright yellow heart at the center of this Joy Necklace is to show a heart illuminated by joy, rejoicing always, as we step into God's light despite all of the things in this world that want to dampen it. This necklace is a reminder that encourages daughter as they grow up and make choices on their own and that it touches the hearts of all who hold it or see it. An outward display of our never-ceasing joy.

.925 sterling silver with a yellow Swarovski crystal heart, strung on an adjustable 14-16" sterling silver chain.

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