Stone Point Necklace

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Grounding, strengthening, and organically cut semi precious gemstones to mix and match with any item from your wardrobe. A refined token of the earth for everyday wear. Each necklace comes with the description of the stone meaning printed on recycled linen cards.

- Materials: Semi precious organically cut gemstones. 20 inch adjustable chain, 14K Gold dipped. 

- Presented on recycled linen cards that tell the meaning each stone.


  • Amazonite - Stone of Courage
  • Aqua Terra - Stone of Peace
  • Citrine - Stone of Good Fortune
  • Flourite - Stone of Clarity
  • Kyanite - Stone of Connection
  • Labradorite - Stone of Magic
  • Moonstone - Stone of Balance
  • Turquoise - Stone of the Sky
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