Upon The Waters Ring

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"You call me out upon the waters - Matthew 14:29" 

You call me out upon the waters {Matthew 14:29} The great unknown where feet may fail. And there I find You in the mystery. In oceans deep, my faith will stand. {Hillsong}

This verse is a go-to for the seasons that we're overwhelmed and exhausted and downright scared. For the days that we are treading water as hard as we can, but our legs are tiring. For the days that we feel called to walk into the unknown but we're not sure what it holds. This ring is our reminder that it's in those deepest waters that we belong - because it is there that His grace abounds. He calls us out upon the waters - past the knees, waves splashing your cheeks, further than we'd ever dare wander. Because it's right there in that unknown where our faith is made stronger.

.925 sterling silver with aquamarine crystals

A portion of proceeds go to Hillsong Music's label to support and encourage their beautiful ministry. {International copyright secured. All rights reserved. Used by permission.}

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